CAUTION : This prank doesn't work on some iphones and I have no idea why

Step 1

Read the instructions

1. Click here to see a how the prank works. This works best on the latest Chrome Browser

2. The volume of this device should be full and earphones / airpods must be connected

3. When your victim is ready to be pranked (i.e., you are near them & they are not in a hurry to go anywhere), switch on the camera from below and press the "start the prank" button

4. You have to explain to your friend that this is an advance beauty checker app that gave your face a beauty score of 95 out of 100 and urge them to take a test for their face too

5. Convince them to wear headphones by telling them that an AI will tell them about the best and the worst features of their face

6. Stand back and record their reaction from another phone

Step 2

Switch on camera

Step 3

Start the prank

By Sid

Check how beautiful you are on a scale of 100

powered by the most advanced AI


Test your face


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We were covered by many not newspapers and media websites

Press the analyze button below and keep looking at the screen. Don’t look at the camera.

Start Analysis


This is wheel that spins and spins and spins and spins


Check your Score